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Frequency Asked Questions

Q: Do you deliver all over Australia?

A: Yes we deliver all over Australia!


Q: Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: The Answer is YES! We offer Free Shipping to all orders over $50! You just need to enter the DISCOUNT CODE!: FREE SHIPPING when you are at the checkout!


Q: Who will deliver my Luxurious Products?

A: All our products are shipped via Australia Post. At Checkout if you enter your EMAIL you will be supplied a Tracking Number! So you can check to see when your order is.


Q: What is Whipped Soap?

A: What is Whipped Soap you ask? Whipped Soap is a smooth and creamy butter like consistency which are whipped to perfection and then infused with our amazing fragrances.


Q: How do I use my whipped soap?

A: Our Whipped Soaps can be used for more then just in the shower, there great for a luxurious bubble bath, shaving, shampoo, or just as a hand soap. Our Whipped Soaps are easy to use. In the shower simply scoop a little whipped soap into your hand or sponge and gently lather onto your skin or In the Bath Just Add Water and watch the magic come alive.


Q: What is Whipped Sugar Scrub?

A: Just Add Water Whipped Sugar Scrubs are handcrafted from our finest Ingredients which are natural, vegan friendly and are Paraben and MPG free. Our whipped Sugar Scrubs are whipped to perfection then infused with amazing fragrances. Our Whipped Sugar Scrubs are Perfect for the cooler months when our skin tends to dry out! Our Whipped Sugar Scrubs put the moisture back into your skin while sugar exfoliates, removing dead skin cells, leaving you with healthy glowing skin! They can be used in the shower, or for a luxurious bubble bath!


Q: What is Body Custard?

A:Our Body Custards are the perfect moisturiser that won't leave you feeling greasy and there perfect for them hot climates! Our Body Custards are filled with skin loving ingredients of Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernal Oil, Wheatgerm oil and other vegetable derived ingredients.


Q: How long do my products Last 

A: WHIPPED SOAP Opened 10 months / Unopened 12-18 months 

WHIPPED SUGAR SCRUB - Opened 5 months / Unopened 6-8 months 

BODY CUSTARD - Opened 6 months / Unopened 8-12 months 


Q: I have sensitive skin, would you recommend me using Just Add Water Whipped Soap?

A: YES! Our whipped soap is natural and vegan friendly but we do ask If you have sensitive skin to please test on a small area first.

Q: Are you bringing out new products anytime soon?

A: We are currently working hard to bring you a new line of Just Add Water products, so please stay tuned.